Light of Heart Series (1995-1998)

For Yahon Chang, the heart is where brightness lies. If positivity, hope and kindness can arise from one’s own heart when confronted with agony and challenges, all adversity can be reversed and transcended into strength that would otherwise not be found. The artist thus believes that the light of the heart is the greatest resource and power one could ever have.



Shadow of Buddha Series (1996-2001)

The artist reflects that through attending Buddhism classes and worshipping gods, many of us exhaust all ways of finding Buddha. Yet, we learn to realize that holiness exists and can be found effortlessly where one makes the right judgment between good and evil. Buddha represents the sentient masses just as the sentient masses represent Buddha. The state of holiness, or Buddha, is attained when all is equal and remains so with the tireless efforts of all living beings.



Questioning Series (1996-1998)

In this series, the artist reflects on the many challenges that life poses, which can cause confusion. Doubts therefore lead to questioning with the goal of finding answers. The Questioning series transforms into works of art the many philosophical inquiries Chang has about the values and choices of life. The questions are asked by means of honest confession conveyed in the expression of eyes in the paintings, rather than in spoken or written words. Conveyed through these works are the many loud voices, messages and stories buried at the bottom of one’s mind.



Faces Series (1995-)

Of this series, the artist explains:

Owing to the deep understanding of human beings, I sense it better to describe from the “head” of the body to grasp feelings. That is to say, I start my pen to the “head expression” of a man to embody different expressions. In “human expression,” facts of the gallant, the strong and the weak, the winner and the loser are embodied. And the most expressive part is the “eyes,” because eyes cannot hide away various kinds of inner feelings, nor inner world unknown to others. “Head expression” and “eyes” have become the theme of my painting for a long period. And this seemingly simple but actually difficult theme must be embodied best in a realm of forgetting oneself.”

Yahon Chang (Excerpt from ‘My Words, My Art’, DATE)



張耀煌 (原文摘自「張耀煌自述」)

Sentient Beings (1998)

 All joyous and sorrowful moments and experiences in my life have brought me to the realization that little is left to hang onto in the ephemeral existence of human mortality. I may not be particularly intelligent, yet I hope with devotion and diligence to seek out ultimate answers regarding the furthest and most peaceful states of human existence.



Animal Series (1996-)

Derived from observation of the surroundings and imaginative creativity, the Animal series is an attempt to amalgamate the imagery of human beings and animals. The artist considers that the looks and traits of animals serve as analogues of the wide range of human characters and personalities.