Face to Face Series (2011)

Project with MOCA Taipei – Window Paintings: Face to Face

Yahon Chang believes that a person’s face and gaze are critical for the first impression he or she makes. Therefore, he has chosen to use gaze and expression as his creative focus. He combines unrestrained calligraphic lines of the East and the daring colors of Western Fauvism to depict the multi-layers of modern day people’s mixed emotions of joy, anger, sadness, and bliss. At the same time, out of the total of 64 artworks in this series, the artist has intentionally incorporated a few faces with animalistic appearances. These works are symbolic of human behaviors, such as desire, love, rivalry, and contemplation. They are also subtle indications of certain aspects of people’s internal beings.


張耀煌認為「臉」與「眼神」是顯現個人氣質並予人第一印象時最重要的部份,因此,他以人臉上不同的眼神與表情為創作元素,融合東方狂草的運氣筆線,與西方野獸派的大膽的用色,刻畫出現代人的喜、怒、哀、樂與多層次的情感;同時,在總數64 件作品中特意夾雜具有動物外表的人臉,代表社會中也存在著許多人性百態,比如欲望、情愛、競爭、沉思等等的面孔,藉此隱喻「人」在某些本我方面的性格。

Sculptures—「Face to Face—Fang Yuang」

Oftentimes, people’s characteristics are tough like Iron; therefore, Yahon Chang has especially selected Iron as the medium to create art with. He has taken the faces from his paintings of wild unrestrained Chinese calligraphic style and carved them on solid or hallow metal sheets. The liberating ink splatter textures and also the powerful impacts of large paintings are emitted. By incorporating Eastern smoothness in the flow of the lines onto metal, it is demonstrated that even such a hard and rigid material as metal could be utilised in a way to represent various layers with fluid curves and shapes. The collection’s central theme is based on the “Face”, and it is composed of two subcategories of “Human Faces” and “Animal Faces”, and these are sculpted metal pieces of various sizes and placed on the outdoor plaza of MOCA Taipei. These contemporary artworks are great contrasts with the century-old cultural heritage site of the museum.


很多時候,人的性格就像鋼鐵一樣堅韌,因此張耀煌特別選用鐵的媒材來作不同型式的創作。一張張別具中國狂草韻味的臉部畫作,或實心或簍空地刻畫在鐵板上,同時保留潑墨手法中的水墨噴灑感,與大型畫作的大尺寸震撼感,而將東方的氣韻線條運用在鐵雕上,則顯出生硬的厚鐵,原來也能有不同的層次與流暢的曲線感。本系列作品將單一主題「臉」分成「人臉」與「動物的臉」,並塑造成不同尺寸的鐵雕,擺放在台北當代藝術館的藝術廣場,讓具有100 年歷史的文化古蹟建築與當代雕塑相互輝映。