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Paintings of Yahon Chang - Solo touring exhibition

Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, Germany 

6 June - 6 July 2014

Vernissage: 5 June 2014, 7pm


The main element of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy is the line. Because of this common feature, these two art forms of early time to have a close, mutually determining relationship. Since the 13th Century to the present day, many artists deliberately put a special emphasis on the connection of Chinese painting and calligraphy and promote the fusion of the two genres. In this concise ratio picturesque origins of Taiwanese painter Yahon Chang grew into its own cosmos and its individual form of expression.

The line defined by the image works Yahon Chang not only the shape but also the surface with which the painter handles different: Firstly, the thick, black, gestural line connects the painting with calligraphy and is himself and shaping enough. Second, the line outlined giving shape, which is filled of colour and still remains the dominant visual character.

Almost all the works act in the picturesque manner, wild and passionate. The gesture, expressive individual action is captured on the paper or canvas. However, this gestural painting does not come from a state of nervous agitation, but on the contrary from the absolute tranquility. Yahon Chang describes itself as: “In an extremely peaceful state suddenly explodes it all for me".

In cooperation with Claus Friede, Contemporary Art Hamburg.


Opening times: Fri 4pm-8pm, Sat and Sun 2pm-6pm

Admission: 3 €, Concession: 2 €