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The Mortal World • The Destination – Solo Exhibition of Yahon Chang 人間 • 歸宿 — 張耀煌個展

Ever Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2F, No. 107, Sec. 4 Ren-ai Road, Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan





開幕日期: 2014年5月10日,下午3點

Vernissage: 10th May 2014, 3pm


張耀煌新展《人間 • 歸宿》將於513至29日期間在國立國父紀念館展出,由青年策展人藍慶偉策展,展出30百面相—人間》 和《繁花—歸宿》系列的全新作品,充份展現一位修心多年的畫家流露對現世的拒絕、掙扎、接受和愛。展覽中將有兩幅繁花—歸宿》系列畫作捐贈義賣淡江教會,希望藉此機會募款新建婚禮教堂。另外十幅同 系列畫作將捐贈給台北真道教會的兩所會:「社團法人臺北市喜樂人生關懷協及「社團法人中華民國夢想之家青年發展協會」做慈善義賣募款,幫助低收入家庭,貧困老人和中輟生


We are pleased to present “The Mortal World • The Destination - Solo Exhibition of Yahon Chang” starting on the 13th of May until the 29th of May at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taiwan, curated by new generation Chinese curator Lan Qingwei, displaying nearly 30 paintings from the new series of the “Mortal World” and the “Destination”. These paintings portray a particular state of mind that draws from his life, entails his rejections, struggles, acceptance and love in this world. Two of the exhibiting paintings from the “Destination” series will be donated for charity sale, to raise funds for building a new matrimonial church for Danshui’s TamKang Church. Furthermore, ten more paintings will be donated for charity fund raising for Joy of Life and Care Association and The House of Dreams Youth Development Association. These funds will help low-income families, the impoverished elderly and youth that desperately need the care, medical, resources and professional training to help equip them to regain their self-esteem and survival skills in society.

Yahon Chang was born in 1948, lives and works in Taiwan and graduated from the Taipei National University of the Arts (previously knows as National Art College) in 1977. It is not until the death of his beloved wife in 2000 that he began to re-immerse himself in painting and started a new chapter in his artistic creation. There is a certain mysterious quality to Yahon’s painting, one that cements a state of serenity within the viewer, as if you could see through the painting into a flux of time – that is neither past nor future, but rather in a state of eternal existence.