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56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia 第56屆威尼斯藝術雙年展

The Question of Beings  

Collateral Event 平行展    |    Solo Exhibition of Yahon Chang 張耀煌 個展

Venue                           Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701, Venezia

Preview period             6th – 8th May 2015  |  10 am – 7 pm

Running period            9th May 2015 22nd November 2015  |  10 am – 6 pm (closed on Mondays)


In this year’s Collateral Event at the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, Yahon Chang investigates the theme of “The Question of Beings” at the Istituto Santa Maria Della Pietà, where he has created a site-specific exhibition featuring a series of new paintings and mixed media installations that explore the conscious and subconscious natures of individuals. With these new works, Chang questions the diversity and complexity of living beings in an effort to delve into the likenesses and differences between the recesses of human and animal instinct.

Yahon Chang has reflected upon his life experiences by employing a mode of meditative style portraiture that resonates with his feelings of rejection, struggle, acceptance and love in this world. These portraits of sentient beings, while offering a variety of subject matter, present a cohesion through the singularity of their compositional style. Implying a spiritual connection to the tradition of Chinese shrines, they evoke a feeling of commemoration for those situated in the past, present and future, while simultaneously encompassing their greatness and mediocrity, achievements and failures, …etc.

Chang has amalgamated the aesthetics of calligraphy with expressive lines to depict a multitude of faces portraying the holy, mundane and animalistic aspects of countenance. The multiplicity of faces fills the entirety of the exhibition space, creating an interactive environment that allows the audience to enter a world akin to an “alternative Facebook”. This interactive environment invites the viewer to contemplate the nature of sentient beings, while questioning the meaning of their own identity.

In the exhibition, the stained glass windows incorporate portraits from his Sentient Beings series that acts as a form of commemoration or sanctification that is in dialogue with the sacred setting at the Santa Maria della Pietà cathedral nearby. The daylight permeates through the stained glass windows enhancing ones interactive experience in the space, thus transforming the exhibition space into a sanctified-like environment that allows the viewer to cement themselves with contemplation while observing the natural changes of light that interact within the exhibition space itself. 

Written by J.J. Shih and Francise Chang


地點      聖瑪亞聖殤學院  Castello區 3701 號  威尼斯

預展期    201556 - 8| 上午10 - 晚上7

展期      201559 - 1122| 上午10 - 下午6(逢星期一休息)

本屆威尼斯雙年展的平行展,張耀煌以「蒼生問」為個展主題,針對聖瑪莉亞聖殤學院的展場,量身打造了一系列全新的畫作和混合媒材裝置 (site-specific exhibition)就創作概念言,本展從探索個人生命的意識和潛意識出發針對眾生的多樣/複雜進行提問,並挖掘人類本質與動物性的同異




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