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  • CerModern Altınsoy Cad. No:3 Ankara Turkey (map)

The 22nd November 2015 marked the last day of Yahon Chang's solo exhibition of "The Question of Beings" at the 56th Venice Biennale of art. More than ten thousands have visited the exhibition throughout the biennale period of seven months. His works were on display at Hannover's Kunsthalle Faust in 2014, and he will be showing at the Zebrastraat (Ghent, Belgium), the CerModern (Ankara, Turkey) and the MACRO (Rome, Italy) in 2016. He is an international artist from Taiwan whom had exhibited in many major museums worldwide. Currently live and work in Taipei, Taiwan.


Looking at Yahon's works, we see a rather lively, free and expressionist style, which set a firm foot on traditional Chinese ink painting. There is no boundaries and limitations in Yahon Chang's artistic manifestation; his distinctive and free flows of brushstrokes delve into the boundless realm of the artist and set to visualise ideas, spirituality, sentient beings, abysses, supernatural creatures, with feelings, passions, fears and the fate of the human beings too. Through Yahon's art we can reference and bridging the ever going discussion in Turkey between traditional and Modernity, regional and universality.


The frenetic move in the world and the freedom at the brush of Yahon inspired the name of the exhibition, the "Flow". In this exhibition, Yahon Chang will bring together all the beings of this world, the immortal and the mortal beings, the myths, the phantasies, the phenomena, together with his fluid and expressive brushstroke in his paintings to Ankara. The exhibition will take place between the 12th February and 20th March 2016, at CerModern, it will be an essential "flow" from Far East to our country.


張耀煌在第 56 屆威尼斯雙年展舉辦的個展《蒼生問》,於 2015 年 11 月 22 日劃下句點。在雙年展展出的七個月期間,有數萬人前往參訪。2014年,張耀煌的作品在漢諾威的市立浮世德藝術中心(Kunsthalle Faust)展出;今年, 則將在比利時根特的Zebrastraat 藝術中心 、位於土耳其安卡拉的 CerModern 當代藝術館,以及義大利羅馬當代藝術博物館(MACRO)展出。來自台灣的張耀煌是一位享譽國際的藝術家,曾在世界各大知名美術館展出。張耀煌目前創作並定居於台灣台北。




世間狂亂的動盪和張耀煌恣意的筆觸啟發了展覽的名稱:《勁流》。在此展中,張耀煌流暢、傳神的筆尖,將帶著眾生──不朽之身與凡人、神話、幻想、奇觀──進入安卡拉。展覽將在 CerModern 當代藝術館舉辦,於 2016 年 2 月 12 日開始,至 3 月 20 日結束;此展將是一股從遠東流至我國的「勁流」。