Artistic Concepts

The only colours used are black and white, which are in themselves colourless, yet the black ink can be seen in five tonal gradients.

That absence of colour is a colour in itself; the pure at heart entails real sentiment; yet one could lose one’s direction in colours.

The pure black can replace the rest of the colours; it can even surpass the usual colours for representation of the true picture.

Unrestrained form allows the expression of truth and real sentiment.

Any figurative depictions are only incidental, what matters is a genuine representation of the pure form.

One stroke can surpass a thousand strokes; applying no technique can even surpass the application of numerous techniques.

An un-sculpted natural form may surpass sculpting from pre-conceived shapes to give form, thus the natural form gives way to the true form.

Shapeless, strokeless, colourless, only nothingness.

Only by freeing oneself into the realm of nothingness can the true form be fully realised.

                      --  Yahon Chang (29th Jan 2014, Germany)


                 純一色彩  黑白本無色  墨分五色

無色即色  純真具真情  五色令人色茫

直指玄色去五色  不假五彩見真相



千筆不如一筆  千法不如無法

千刀不如無刀  自然無感即為真成



                      --  張耀煌( 2014 129,德國